Hayrides in New York

When the full moon illuminates the night sky, it is said that hayrides on farms across New York State turn into something far more sinister. Hayrides have long been staples of autumn entertainment for children and adults alike, providing a perfect way to enjoy the sights and scents of the season. Commandeered by headless horsemen and plenty of other suspicious characters around Halloween, these ordinary farm wagons are utilized for what have been called 'Haunted Hayrides.' Horrifying monsters and creatures of the might be seen lurking behind mound of hays as the wagons are steered towards the woods on the outskirts of the farms. Out there, nobody will hear you scream.

13th Hour Rising
Fulton, NY

You're INVITED... to a HIGH OCTANE, totally IMMERSIVE... HAUNTED HAYRIDE EVENT !! 13TH HOUR a dark space in time...waiting to DEVOUR you! FEARS, PHOBIAS, and INSECURITIES will be tested. Smell the sce... Read More


Since many hours of travel time lie between each end of New York, some assistance in locating the state's haunts will help ensure that your Halloween season isn't lacking any must-see haunted attractions. Whether you're looking for a scare in Utica or Brooklyn, HauntedNY.com's interactive map is packed with the haunted entertainment you need to experience in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween.