Zombie Paintball in New York

First the zombies took over Long Island, isolating all the remaining Long Islanders from the rest of the world. Manhattan was next to fall, with zombies seen scaling skyscrapers and wandering through Times Square, giving 'The City That Never Sleeps' an entirely new meaning. After that, the walking dead made their way upstate, overrunning town after town in their ceaseless quest for human flesh. At Zombie Paintball, you are one of the last members of the human resistance force. Armed with just a paintball gun and backed by your team of paintball-shooting commandos, your goal is to stop the undead onslaught and save civilization before it's too late. You must act quickly, for the zombie population is only growing, and the human population is rapidly shrinking...

Rolling Hills Asylum
Bethany, NY

Rolling Hills Asylumâ„¢ One of the most haunted locations in the world! Check out the available investigation dates, and more!... Read More


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